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Photos taken this year of fishing in Florida Bay, the Florida Keys, and Everglades National Park. Flats boats, Florida scenery, anglers with redfish, and other things.

On Florida Bay. The day is ending and my friend and I pause to catch the best show on Earth!
On one of my rare trips out west, which is like being on an alien planet to me.
Capt. George Sawley with a nice backcountry red.
Poling a flat looking for tarpon.
Florida Bay Flat
Florida Bay Redfish
Florida Bay Dolphin
Florida Bay Redfish
A Rare Foggy Morning in the Florida Keys
The Glades Skiff in Florida Bay
A Bronze-Colored Redfish from Florida Bay
First Light in Everglades National Park on New Years Day 2009
Redfish on Fly in Everglades National Park - Florida Bay
Redfish at the Boat
Redfish on Fly in Everglades National Park
Glades Skiff in Florida Bay
This redfish was caught in clear water and away from any sources of fresh water.
Dawn in the Everglades National Park - New Years Day 2009
Redfish on Fly
Removing the Fly
Pulling Our Way Through the Creek By Hand
Poling Guide
The glades skiff in a no-motor zone in Everglades National Park.
Alligator Light - February 2nd. 2009
Mujahideen. A Florida Bay Freedom Fighter Armed with his AK Canon Rebel.

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