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Photos I've taken over the years while guiding friends and clients. These are some special scenes and things of interest you may come across while fishing the flats of the Florida Keys and Florida Bay.

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Somebody had a really bad day on the water.
Staked up on a flat in Florida Bay and fly fishing for tarpon
The American Crocodile is an example of some of the wildlife to be seen in Florida Bay
The offshore guys definitely have their own style.
The Lorelei Restaraunt and Cabana
The tides in Florida Bay create currents that sometimes cause interesting surface patterns.
This was the old Lorelei in Islamorada.
A green iguana walking down the dock is not an uncommon sight these days.
This day I had the luxury of having an umbrella on board when it started to rain.
This was on the famous Seven Mile Bridge on New Year's Eve 2003.
Water spouts are not uncommon and are always intriguing.
A Tarpon Angler Scanning the Flat for a School.
Sitting on a Boat in the Bay...
Florida Keys Flats Guide Captain John Kipp.
Three Brown Pelicans Hitching a Ride on a Lobster Boat
A Full Grown Conch
Florida Bay Tarpon Anglers
A manatee cow and its newborn calf.
A spectacular summer water spout in Florida Bay
Sunset on Florida Bay in Everglades National Park

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