Visibility - Key for Succesful Flats Fishing

Good visibility is a necessity for successful flats fishing. Without it a sight fishing angler has to rely on tailing or waking fish.

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This is one of those rare days with relatively no clouds and cobalt-blue sky all the  way down to the horizon. On days like this there is nothing to generate glare -  everything under the surface of the water is laid bare for the eye to see.
With visibility like this nothing could possible get by an angler. This is a perfect  situation for hunting fish on this flat.
Piscator is in ecstasy. Look at that dark blue sky on the horizon. This flat is lit up.  Nothing will get by Piscator.
"GIVE ME BACK MY SUN." Piscator quoting Mel Gibson from the movie  "Ransom."
Glare is the reflection of white clouds on the water. Here is  Piscator, completely glared out and praying for a rolling tarpon,  or at least a glimpse of a fin or tail. Visibility is essential for the  flats angler, at least for most scenarios. The exception would be  situations where the fish are tailing, pushing, or rolling. But if the  angler is fishing for any fish that is generally not making its  presence known by disturbing the surface of the water, then  sunlight and good visibility is critical. Piscator knows there are  schools of fish going by but the cloud has created a condition that  makes it impossible to see them. He is not a happy camper.

Captain John
Your Guide, Captain John Kipp.

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