Islamorada 18

The Islamorada 18 from Chittum Skiffs. Here's Hal Chittum and George Sawley demonstrating how the Islamorada 18 runs and handles a choppy sea condition. This was in an exposed area of Florida Bay on a day when the wind was east 15 to 20 knots. The next frame is the first in a continuous burst.

Conditions are perfect for a test ride. The bow is coming down into a wave./p>

Punching through. The rails catch the water and throw it down and back and not into George's face.

The spray stays below the rubrail.

Slicing through the next one and again the water is captured by the sprayrails and sent down and back.

You wouldn't know by his expression, but George is very happy he's not getting creamed with walls of water.

And the spray goes down and back.

Again, slicing through with no water getting above the sprayrail.

No water above the rubrail.

Still no water above the rails.

Islamorada running nicely on step.

Continuing along on step.

Chipping along. Sprayrails doing their job.

No water airborne forward of the console.

Tearing along.

As the hull drives through and rises up, the sprayrails turn down a load of water. Running at that speed in these conditions George still can't believe he hasn't taken a bucket-full of Florida Bay in the face.

The sprayrails at work.

This shows the sea condition the boat is running through.

The Islamorada 18 provides a soft dry ride while running across choppy unprotected areas.